Initiated by Habitat for Humanity International and Architecture for Humanity Haiti in June, 2011, the Haiti Property Law Working Group (HPLWG) was intended as a forum to discuss property law and land tenure, in order to identify short and medium-term solutions to the many related challenges that have arisen in Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake.The Group is made up of roughly 100 experts, practitioners, donors and government officials working to clarify Haiti’s land law in an inclusive and transparent manner.

Our goal is to develop a series of “Haiti Land Transaction Manuals,” of which we have published the first volume, called the “How-to Guide for the Legal Sale of Property in Haiti.” A second volume is being developed by the Group on the subject of securing land rights.

The stakeholder engagement process is a cornerstone of the Group’s approach to developing the manuals, and ensures not only the accuracy of the work but also the buy-in of key government entities and professional groups in Haiti.

The Group would like to extend special thanks to The Digicel Foundation for its generous contribution to this manual. Without the Digicel Foundation’s support, this important work of the group would not have been possible.

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