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HPLWG hosts a Round Table at Karibé on securing land rights in Haiti, nearly 100 people attend (Jan 17, 2014)
Architecture for Humanity organized a conference on the topic of “Securing Land Rights in Haiti” at the Karibé this past November. It was a huge success as almost 100 people came to participate in this important discussion.
Among the government agencies represented…

HPLWG meets twice to review the first draft of the second Law Manual (Oct 26, 2013)
The Group met on September 3rd and October 16th in a conference room generously made available by the Centre de Coopération Haiti-Canada. We reviewed the first draft of the second Manual of Haitian Land Transactions, which will serve as a guide to property owners, farmers, and residents of informal neighborhoods alike of their rights and responsibilities to secure their land rights, according to current Haitian law…